Hydro Ottawa Uses Lean to Improve Project Delivery

Hydro Ottawa, an electricity distribution company, enlisted Lean Advisors to help reduce project lead times and improve efficiency. After a series of training seminars, multi-functional teams used the Lean Value Stream Mapping (VSM) tool to analyze the entire project delivery process, from request of a new service to final hookup. By mapping out the current and desired future states for the entire value stream, participants were able to create a roadmap for improvement across the three functional areas involved – design, installation, and material management.

One of the biggest improvements made was to align teams geographically by region instead of having 22 designers working in all parts of the city.

Some impacts and results that they have had include:

  • Improved communications and better relationships between departments
  • Reduced lead times on designs getting out
  • Improved the accuracy of the designs.
  • Scheduling is now done through bi-weekly meetings where upcoming projects can be reviewed from end to end
  • A Just-In-Time approach will be implemented (where crews are supplied with smaller batches of materials on an as-needed basis)
  • Feedback from the workers and designers has been enthusiastic and positive

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