How To Build A Nonprofit Using The Lean Startup

Even though Kris Newcomer had a solid background in non-profit technology marketing, she hadn’t started a non-profit from the ground up before. So as she was getting started, she spoke with a lot of people, one of whom literally handed her The Lean Startup book and told her that it would be her new bible.

As with any new startup, Kris and her team had to figure out all of the working parts of their business. They were building from the ground up while figuring out how to serve, train and work with three wildly different customer bases: women with breast cancer who need support, women who’ve had breast cancer who volunteer with Firefly Sisterhood, and health systems. This meant they were tasked with constantly solving new problems, such as sharing their stories without giving treatment recommendations, and increasing the number of matches with patients and guides.

She also re-emphasizes the need to be comfortable moving forward when you don’t know everything. Not being able to take action until you have all the information will trip you up. “Live in the gray area and be able to make decisions with 60% of your information.”

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