How the quality profession can help change the world by Thomas Pyzdek – ASQ Quality Progress

Quality professionals possess a unique skill set that can be used to prevent problems outside of their organizations. The author shows how applying quality tools, such as Pareto analysis, failure mode and effects analysis, and quality function deployment, can help solve issues such as homelessness in Seattle, and deaths from diarrheal disease for children under five years old.

In early May 2013, Scott Davis, a quality professional, wanted to do a project to support the Habitat ReStore and fulfill his real-world project requirement for his Black Belt (BB) certification. Davis approached Cole, director of the Habitat for Humanity Central South Carolina ReStore, to see whether there was anything he wanted to improve. Cole and his donations manager, Jordan, zeroed in on ReStore’s big money target: pickup donations. After discussing the pickup process, Cole and Jordan identified several key places in the process where they were losing donations. They decided to focus on two areas: cancellations and no-shows.

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