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How Coaching Kata Can Help With Inclusion and Equity At Work

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Sabrina Malter is a Kata coach at a major pharmaceutical company in Germany. Kata is a pattern you practice to learn a skill and mindset until it becomes second nature.

She facilitated a conversation with people from Germany and Switzerland.

They structured the conversation around the following questions:

  • What’s our target condition for an inclusive and equitable work environment (with a focus on racism)?
  • What’s the actual condition now?
  • What obstacles do we think are preventing us from reaching the target condition? Which one will each of us address now?
  • What is our next step? What do we expect?
  • When can we go and see what we have learnt from taking these first steps?

After their discussion, they identified a few next steps:

  • Set up more opportunities for dialogue around racism, microaggressions, connotations and allyship.
  • Speak up against racist comments and encourage companies to take a stand
  • Reach out to Black or POC colleagues without being intrusive

Read the entire blog at https://www.leanblog.org/2020/08/kata-coaching-next-steps-towards-inclusion-and-equity-at-work/

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