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How Baltimore’s CleanStat is making a difference between the city being trashed or treasured

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CleanStat is a dashboard developed and used internally within the City of Baltimore. It was the result of an iterative design approach to data solutions, where Sara Brumfield shadowed crews out working in the streets and administrators in the office. It also meant sitting in on meetings and asking the same questions to five different people five different times.

The dashboard allows the sanitation department to reduce data reporting lag to senior leadership by three or four weeks. This data results in real-time operational changes like deploying teams in clusters and shifting a quadrant system of managing work crews to a more decentralized operation.

The previous lack of data and efficiency led to 16,000 overdue cleaning orders. Before the COVID-19 pandemic presented a new set of operational hurdles, the number of orders was reduced to only a few hundred with the commitment to data-driven decision making, according to data from the city.

Read the whole article at https://technical.ly/baltimore/2020/07/30/how-baltimores-cleanstat-is-making-a-difference-between-the-city-being-trashed-or-treasured/

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