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History of LeanCT program at State of Connecticut – Gemba Academy

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In 2011, legislation was passed to spearhead lean thinking across the State of Connecticut. The program was originally rolled out by April Capone in 2012 with the assistance of the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), and a full-time role position was created and filled in Nov 2013 by Alison Fisher.

Ron Pereira from Gemba Academy attended the 2016 Lean Showcase and conducted interviews with key staff and personnel involved with the LeanCT program.

In the first video titled “Lean CT Program Director, Alison Fisher,” Alison shares some history of the program, and how she has led the program from the Office of Policy and Management, how lean leaders in each department set strategy and support the effort, support from Darlene Dumont from LEI, and recommendations for others to start a lean initiative.

In the second video titled “Connecting with LEI, Dr. Darlene Dumont,” Ron talks with Alison and Darlene about how LEI started to focus on government agencies, her background, and how they became connected with the State of Connecticut.

The third video called “Ron meets Connecticut’s original Lean Leader” is a discussion with April Capone about how she helped drive the need for lean thinking in the state, engaged agencies across the state, lessons learned from their efforts, and how the legislation was implemented.

You can watch the videos at https://www.gembaacademy.com/guests/state-of-connecticut

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