Hiring the Best Talent in Less Time in Denver

The Department of Human Resources’ Talent and Acquisition Team (OHR-TA) has taken creative and innovative actions to identify and execute against their Wildly Important Goal (WIG): decrease the number of days it takes to hire top talent for the City & County of Denver by 37% over the course of two years.

Equipped to generate and execute innovations to solve their own process’ issues, the OHR-TA has identified and completed over ten innovations and eight workshops.

The OHR-TA team has decreased the time it takes to recruit, interview, and extend an offer to the top talent of Denver by 25 days (to date). They plan on hitting their WIG by the end of 2017.

Watch the short video a https://denpeakacademy.com/2017/05/11/hiring-the-best-talent-in-less-time/