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    The Florida Nonprofit Alliance published a report from surveys sent out in 2023 that highlights the state of Florida nonprofit organizations in three categories: things that are going well for the sector (Positives), things that are challenging (Pressure Points), and things that the sector needs (Present Opportunities).


    • Program and service delivery continues to be a strength for the sector.
    • Financially, organizations feel slightly more secure.
    • Fundraising was slightly more stable than in previous years.

    Pressure Points

    • Both costs and demand for services are increasing.
    • Nonprofits need new sources of funding.
    • More volunteers are needed.
    • CEO transitions are happening frequently and will continue to do so.
    • Changing advocacy needs.

    Present Opportunities

    • Convince more individuals to give to formal nonprofit organizations.
    • Increase availability of health insurance providers.
    • Support nonprofit staff.
    • Increase unrestricted revenue for nonprofits.

    More details can be read on this website (, and the full report is attached for review.

    Assuming this report is a good representation of many other charities and nonprofits, here are some things I think our group could help with

    • Increasing capacity and costs of services
    • Streamline the fundraising process, study data on what is working and not working
    • Streamline the volunteer experience (VSM or process map)
    • Streamline the CEO transition and on-boarding process


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