Groundwater Reclassification Improves Timeliness After Lean Event

Current issues with the reclassification process for contaminated groundwater includes:

  • lacks clarity
  • takes too long
  • improper submittal of information and materials
  • re-do loops are common
  • process lacks definition and transparency
  • inconsistent portrayal, distribution and use of the mapped data after reclassification 

The goal of the lean event was to improve timeliness of reclassifications, increase transparency, and to be able to complete 31 reclassifications by the end of 2018, bringing the total active site reclassifications since 1993 to 43 (up from 12).

Upon completion of the lean improvement event, the Interagency Committee on Administrative Rules approved an amendment, and Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will finalize responses. The final steps will include filing with the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules and, if approved, filing with the Secretary of State. 

During the last quarter, DEC developed a database tool that integrates with our GIS system to determine (and track) which hazardous sites are subject to reclassification. 

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