Gov Facility Services Ltd Implements ISO9001 Program

Gov Facility Services Ltd (GFSL) wanted to adopt a best practice standard to ensure they were able to consistently meet the needs of its customers and internal stakeholders, and that they had a robust baseline from which to continuously improve. With the absence of any policies, processes and procedures in a highly complex and geographically disperse operation, CI Projects were commissioned to lead an ISO9001 program.

Throughout the program, they had engagement and buy-in from the Senior Leadership Team who were fundamental in truly achieving best practice. By the end of the project, they had achieved a full suite of policies, processes and procedures across all business functions, defining one way of working that was accessible by all staff.

The benefits achieved included: 

  • A unified and harmonized way of working, previously fragmented geographically across 52 prisons.
  • The process cycle time of the Elective Works process which originally took 37,449 minutes was reduced by 80%; and reduced the error rate of payroll transactions from 30% to 1%.
  • Historically GFSL were not aware of gaps within processes until there were issues; however by reviewing processes proactively through this programme, it enabled GFSL to fill gaps and improve their process before issues could occur.
  • A set of staff-specific policies, procedures and guidelines that everybody could use in their day to day jobs and understand were housed on a single platform.
  • Better quality of outcomes resulting in an improvement in customer experience, supplier relationships and business performance.

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