Excerpt from new audiobook version of Lean Six Sigma for Good (Volume 2)

This is an excerpt from the audiobook version of “Lean Six Sigma for Good: Lessons from the Gemba (Volume 2)

Elisabeth Swan shares the story of volunteering with the Cape Cod Childcare Development nonprofit organization. She discusses getting a call from the CEO to help the organization utilize more Lean Six Sigma Green Belt skills and methods within the organization.

In one of the examples highlighted in her chapter, she shares how they reviewed their expenses and processes, and managed to update the ordering process, consolidate vendors, reduce the number of steps involved in getting supplies to the people who needed them, all while ensuring the Finance Department received the right info to pay the bills. The savings from the monthly cellphone bill, combined with switching to a new vendor, was enough to afford the mortgage for the building to house the new Head Start program.

Proceeds from the book purchase supports the nonprofit organizations selected by each of the 8 chapter authors.

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