Employee Innovations at the Airport Lift Off with Big Savings

At Denver International Airport, so much of the work required to keep things running smoothly is done well away from the public eye. Some of the employees hard work finally got some of the attention it deserves at the Continuing Peak Education Innovation Fair.

One employee-led team worked to drastically improve response time for service calls for DEN’s Premise Wiring Communication Systems (PWCS).
The estimated benefits of the team’s innovation include:

  • Reduction in process time of over 160 hours per month
  • Employee hours saved: $378,000.00 over the next five years

Another employee innovation was to replace the airport’s disposable chiller system water filters with reusable filters. The estimated benefits of this innovation include:

  • Reduction in time and labor spent replacing filters
  • Increasing the life cycle of the machines that use the filtered water
  • Over 800 filters won’t be going from DEN to the landfill each year
  • The overall cost savings are an estimated $231,000

One employee commented that his experience with Peak gave him a new perspective on his work, which he now applies to all of his processes.

Read the entire article at https://denpeakacademy.com/2016/01/27/innovations-at-the-airport-lift-off-with-big-savings/