Employee Engagement Systems to Drive Improvement – Build Reuse Conference

Brion Hurley gave a presentation on how to improve employee engagement through structured management systems from Lean. The talk was given at the Deconstruction and Reuse Conference (hosted by Build Reuse) in Pittsburgh, PA. He shared experiences working with reuse nonprofit organizations like ReStore and The Rebuilding Center.

He gave recommendations to organizations on how to engage their staff and volunteers in process improvement, using the following techniques:

  • Daily huddles
  • Andon
  • Teach 8 wastes (overview)
  • Go to gemba
  • Improvement time
  • PDCA
  • Coaching
  • Standard work
  • Check sheets
  • 2 second improvements

Watch the video below, or listen to the podcast episode: http://leansixsigmaenvironment.org/index.php/ec-055-engaging-staff-and-volunteers-deconstruction-and-reuse-conference/