Developing lean coaches to improve outcomes for students

Christleton Learning Trust in the UK is running several lean experiments across its three schools. Tony Lamberton, the CEO of Christleton Learning Trust, shared how coaching is supporting the transformation.

The lean journey for Christleton Learning Trust began when they attended a training course at Toyota to understand the lean process. They first applied the lessons learned to increase the impact on the development of children with learning difficulties. And also applied lean techniques to improving the way they teach science and run sports activities.

In the new school, each student has a personal coach, they meet once a week. Anyone can be a coach: a core team is trained already, and would like to see that team grow, especially focusing on students that can be developed.

The most meaningful results they have achieved using this coaching approach is an improvement in the students’ attitude towards learning and a significant reduction in the number of instances in which they fail, as well as the all-important exam grade improvements.

They believe a lean education system would be a system that truly understands and concentrates on its core purpose of developing global citizens who are fully equipped to start their professional lives.

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