Incremental Changes Bring Wait Times Down for Denver Citizens Seeking Licenses

In 2012, the Department of Excise & Licenses began serving frozen yogurt to customers in the department’s lobby. The idea: people are in for a long wait so they might as well have some frozen yogurt to make the experience less miserable. Today that frozen yogurt machine is long gone because wait times have been reduced so drastically, that there isn’t any time to serve the sugary treat.

After unleashing over two dozen innovations and streamlined processes, the department is having a record year in terms of serving customers – yet the average wait time is only 12 minutes.

Some innovations that were implemented and the results that followed include:

  • Placing extensive signage in high-visibility areas
  • Offering pre-produced packets of intuitive and easily accessible information for the most frequent license types
  • Customers can call 3-1-1 and know what they need before they apply for a business license in person
  • Regular reports are run on wait times so that when they exceed 15 minutes, all supervisors receive a notification
  • The service counters are appropriately staffed using historic trends and weekly and daily data
  • More than two-thirds of customers wait less than 15 minutes to be served at the counter

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