Denver’s Peak Performance Program results in improved customer service and millions in savings

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s “Peak Performance” effort he launched in his first year in office has sought to improve the ways city employees could offer suggestions for giving better service to city residents.

Using city employee-created ideas, some of the following improvements have been made to the City of Denver:

  • Vehicle owners can renew or register vehicles online, by phone or by mail. Initiating this improvement cut average DMV wait times down from 65 minutes to about 36 minutes.
  • offers special events maps, real time election results and street sweeping reminders, as well as city activities like parades, festivals and other special events to help residents determine whether they want to attend or if they should take a different route to or from work.
  • Eliminated convenience fees for customers who pay by credit card, saving them money and time. Since the elimination of the convenience fee, the city has seen an increase from 16 to 23% in dollars collected from online credit card payments.
  • Saved customers approximately 28,000 trips to the County Court by establishing a new website that features a more-user friendly format with more online forms and expanded online payment options.
  • Redesigned the Summer of Reading website, improving the signup process and the customer experience. The library is now also taking advantage of a discount from a vendor for prompt payment of invoices, which has saved them $14,500 in 2014 and is projected to save about $25,000 annually.
  • Improved free, public Wi-Fi service throughout the concourses at Denver International Airport.
  • Provided 68 million people with real-time news from the Denver Police Department (DPD), whose growing social media presence has allowed the department to provide vital information about incidents faster.

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