Denver Parks and Recreation Develops a Successful High-Volume Recruitment Strategy

Every year, Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) hires approximately 1,500 staff to support. The DPR Talent Acquisition Team (DPR TA Team) is tasked with supporting DPR in the recruiting and hiring.

To better address the high-volume hiring needs and ensure a successful overhaul to the DPR recruiting and hiring process, the team broke their effort into three distinct phases and implemented a variety of improvements that set the stage for future phases.

The team has focused on developing a recruitment strategy that includes:

  • Meeting with hiring managers to discuss workforce planning which allows the recruiting team to be more proactive to the needs of DPR.
  • Staying connected with seasonal employees in the off season, to increase the likelihood that seasonal employees would return the following season which cut down on the need to recruit new individuals.
  • Taking over some specific tasks previously performed by the hiring manager that were often delayed due to how busy hiring managers were in running their operations.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, they have improved their process with virtual interviews, hiring events, and career fairs. They also plan to use text messaging which will allow them to communicate with candidates through another avenue to create a more efficient and personal experience.

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