Denver Innovations in Animal Protection

For many years, Animal Protection Officers have developed a reputation as dog catchers. Thanks to children’s movies and folklore, residents view Animal Protection Officers with skepticism, perceiving their sole mission to be confiscating dogs and ticketing owners. The Denver Animal Shelter was on a mission to changing that perception and foster more positive interactions with the community while still protecting citizens and animals.

They implemented improvements such as:

  • Department customer information brochures were updated and designed with a lower price point to produce each brochure. The new handouts will save the shelter approximately $431.42 per year.
  • Instead of officers traveling to deliver notices in person, the department now issues a computer generated warning letter for violations. The estimated cost savings for this innovation equals about $12,485.

With citizen-focused innovations, they showcase that a love for animals works best when combined with a positive approach to customer service.

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