County of Kern to implement Lean Six Sigma

The past few years have been challenging economically for the County of Kern. Due to the fall in the price of oil, the county has endured budget cuts and hiring freezes, and this past year, public safety was cut to balance the budget. Anything that can save the county money and allow us to operate more efficiently and productively, while still maintaining a high-quality level of service to our constituents, should be put to use.

The Lean Six Sigma initiative is one that I am excited to see implemented. Lean Six Sigma is a strategic business methodology that was popularized by General Electric CEO Jack Welch in the mid-1990s that allowed organizations to identify waste and inefficiencies within their own processes. Lean Six Sigma is not the solution to our problems, but rather a tool for the County to help tackle its problems and achieve its goals. It is always the County’s goal to be a model of excellence in managing our business and our people. Lean Six Sigma will assist the County to become this model of excellence by taking a critical look at its internal processes in order to sustain value-added programs and services it is entrusted to provide to the Kern County taxpayers.

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