Connecticut Data Officer Helps Agencies Make Better Decisions to Drive Improvements

Ron Pereira talks with Tyler Kleykamp about his role as Chief Data Officer, who works in the Office of Policy and Management.

Data is at the heart of many improvements, and he supports many different agencies and the general public. His role is to make more state government data available to the public, and to ensure state agencies are using data to make better decisions and better inform policy making.

They offer an online platform that allows users to build custom dashboards, charts and graphs. When new data is created (often from Lean events), his team helps integrate it into their platform, and they help improve the quality and accessibility of the data.

He also provides kaizen event teams with data to better identify opportunities, and also helps capture the results and successes of Lean improvements to show before and after results of their changes.

You can watch the 5-minute video called “2016 Lean Showcase – Office of Policy and Management” at