City of Colorado Springs Successfully Improved their Budget Processes

The City of Colorado Springs Budget Office realized they had a number of time-consuming reconciliation and duplicate data entry in the last budget process and wanted to see if there was a way to address those issues.

The budget team went through the “5 Whys,” the “If-Then” exercise to identify potential experiments, and then the impact/effort matrix to layout each experiment.

The team placed information needed from each department in one location, creating a collaborative space for both the Budget Office and departments and reducing the amount of rework.

Other improvements and results that came from the new changes:

  • There was more accuracy, reliability and access to accurate real-time information
  • The weekend work hours were not needed and one analyst was able to dedicate their entire time to strategic alignment and performance measurement
  • The improvements generated $85,000 in savings
  • Allowed the Budget Office to expand its focus on strategic alignment and performance measurement

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