Colorado DOT Successes from Everyday Lean

This video presentation shares the journey of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) as they worked to achieve department goals using Lean methods across their 200+ offices. They also share success stories from their “Lean Everyday Ideas” program that is a key to their improvement efforts and culture change. They discuss the process of how ideas are submitted and how they are vetted.

Improvements they shared include:

  • Reduced Aviation Fuel Excise Tax processing down to 2 steps
  • Improved safety and time to install a 25′ guardrail section with only one person
  • Color-coded file systems in HR to save time and reduce errors
  • Improved process for contractors to submit bids
  • Improving mower safety during roadside maintenance for heavy equipment operators
  • Improved recycling of vinyl banners

Watch the video at

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