City of San Diego improves customer service and increases productivity with Lean Six Sigma training

The City of San Diego sent 7 staff members through Lean Six Sigma training at the University of California-San Diego (UCSD) Extension for 16 weeks.

The program aligned with Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s vision for a city government that is as innovative as the people it serves, driving meaningful change within the city operations.

The projects resulted inimprovements across many different departments:

  • Reduced emergency call times: To reduce the length of calls received within 16 seconds, one team revised the information input screen and automated a portion of the call process, which resulted in a 16% reduction in time. and had the potential to save an estimated additional 22 lives annually.
  • Improved library material delivery: To reduce the wait times for library patrons to receive requested books and other materials, one team simplified the sorting process to increase productivity by 42%
  • Faster street light maintenance: To reduce lead time for street light maintenance, one team created a new workflow system that reduced the lead time by about three days.
  • Improved operations at the Public Works Customer Service Center: To shorten the time to handle customer complaints, one team eliminated paper forms and move to new technology, resulting in savings around $113,000 per year.

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