City of Fort Collins receives exceptional ratings and awards

A Fort Collins Citizen Survey ranks the city in the top 10 percent of cities nationally for the following measures: best place to live, best place to work, quality of culture and recreation, availability of job opportunities, air quality, and attractiveness. It ranks in the top 1 percent in quality of drinking water and emergency preparedness.

The City attributes these outstanding results to its many listening methods for customers and potential customers. In turn, the city has many highlights to boast about:

  • The City of Fort Collins’ credit rating is “AAA” by Moody’s Investors Service, a rating maintained by only 4 percent of governments. This allows the City to pay less interest on its debt issuances.
  • The City adopts its financial plans based on the Budgeting for Outcomes process that involves City staff members at all levels as well as citizens. The process allows the City to adjust financial forecasts to project a realistic expectation of sufficient funds.
  • Community energy use has decreased approximately 12 percent annually for the past three years, while the City’s population has grown by roughly 7 percent during the same period.
  • In 2014, Fort Collins won an award for “outstanding service to environmental education by an organization at the local level” from the North American Association for Environmental Education.
  • Through the City’s website, citizens can pay tickets and utility bills and retrieve documents from public records. The tech-friendly services helped the City garner recognition last year as a “Top 3 Digital City” by

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