City of El Paso Reduces Lead Time on Irrigation Repair

 In the City of El Paso, the time involved in completing irrigation work orders was taking too long, which was resulting in high costs. The City of El Paso strongly believed that by using the Lean Six Sigma methodology, it was possible to achieve and sustain significant and positive results.

After a Pareto analysis, these top solutions were the focus:

  • Implement the 5S method to standardize the stock vans, corrals and warehouse
  • Establish satellite storage areas to decrease travel time
  • Use a groundskeeper as a “runner” working with the material supervisor
  • Redraw boundaries for all (4) corrals to reduce travel time

The results far exceeded the expectations:

  • Work order costs were reduced from 30% to 92%
  • Time to process a work order was reduced from 24 hours to 1.81 hours

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