City of El Paso Improves Asphalt Repairs

The City of El Paso set out to improve their asphalt repair service and reduce their pothole repair time. The way the process for asphalt repairs was being performed was inconsistent, affecting costs and public service.

A team used the Lean Six Sigma process to identify important opportunities:

  • Mobilization – make travel time more efficient
  • Data Management – only focus on most relevant data
  • Task Process – standardize work among all crew
  • Employee Feedback – Address concerns identified by the work crews

After implementing the proposed solutions, these were the results:

  • Total cost saving was about $560,000 per year
  • Weekly pothole repairs increased by 40% (from 200 to 280 per week)
  • Production rate increased by 24%
  • Work hours for employee data management were reduced by 50%.

Lean Six Sigma training helped the City of El Paso achieve unprecedented service improvements and cost savings in many of its departments.

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