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City of Denver’s Contractor Invoice Payments are Getting Faster

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The City of Denver has a City ordinance that requires that a contractor is to be paid in 35 days or less after the receipt of the invoice, but sometimes they miss the mark.

To facilitate a massive process improvement effort, over 45 Denver public servants got together from 11 different departments, facilitated 3 simultaneous process maps, utilized multiple plus/delta and impact/effort tools, and ultimately left the room with more 40+ ideas for improvement followed by a robust action plan. 

The City of Denver’s comprehensive prompt payment effort is making a difference to maintain support of their local economy in these trying times.

Read the entire article at https://denpeakacademy.com/2020/10/30/city-of-denver-contractor-invoice-payments-are-getting-faster-heres-how-it-started/

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