Setting up a PMO in a Central Government Owned Company

A Development Program consisting of multiple high-priority business improvement initiatives and corporate milestones was still in its infancy and needed assistance. There was a lack of governance and contradictory information which made it impossible to prioritize work, manage project resource requirements or provide any business justification.

A new role was created (PMO manager), and worked in partnership with the Government Owned Company and challenged the status quo in a constructive, trusted and objective way. They were able to mobilize this new PMO function to support client control to change the program internally.

The benefits include:

  • The ability to prioritize work against the corporate strategy
  • Manage resource including permanent staff
  • Ensuring value for money
  • Ensuring a project only goes ahead with a valid business case which will allow for benefits realization and return on investment
  • Focused sponsorship from senior management
  • Controlled and managed impact of change
  • Being able to manage dependencies

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