Lean Six Sigma for Good

Using your improvement skills for social good. Humanitarian engineering, social services engineering, skills based volunteering, sustainable engineering


“To many, Lean Government seems like an oxymoron. Government seems inherently full of red tape what the Lean community calls waste. What we have learned from decades of practice of Lean management is that it is as much a mindset as a tool kit. Leaders must think very clearly about the purpose of their organization, their key customers, and how to deliver high value services, on time, and at lowest cost. Our Government organizations have huge customer bases, and limited resources, and need to learn how to think Lean and deliver the highest possible value per tax dollar to the citizens they serve.” –Jeffrey K. Liker, Ph.D., Author, The Toyota Way

Think government can’t improve like other organizations? Check out the book “We Don’t Make Widgets,” or continue to read below…

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