Vermont Tactical Basin Planning Process Conducts Lean Event

To promote greater predictability of project effectiveness the process of identifying, developing and prioritizing projects for Tactical Basin Planning (TBP) funding needed to be improved. In addition, they wanted to provide better information-sharing with the public and stakeholders. ​   The team uses integrated watershed assessment information to understand water quality conditions and identify appropriate […]

Lean Thinking and Lean Government – Maryland Dept of Environment

Jeff Fuchs, Director of Maryland World Class Consortia shared a presentation he gave about the ways Lean can be applied to government and the environment. Topics include: Lean Culture History of Lean Lean in Government history Case Studies Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Minnesota Services for the Blind Jacksonville (FL) Sheriff’s Office State of New […]

DEEP Improves Multi-Family Residential Building Weatherization and Energy Efficiency – Gemba Academy

Research analyst Brian Biernat from the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is interviewed by Ron Pereira from Gemba Academy about how his department looked to streamline the process for providing funding to multi-family residential building owners to help weatherize and save energy for their residents. They conducted a week-long lean […]

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