Cary Academy Uses JMP to Optimize Admissions and Class Placement

Simon King, a statistics teacher at Cary Academy in central North Carolina, a private school for grades 6-12, decided to start using statistical software in his classroom. King believes JMP should, and could, be used in classrooms everywhere, both private and public: “JMP makes it affordable. It’s cheaper than textbooks. It’s priced ridiculously competitively. It’s accessible; it’s doable.”

“I’m not the same teacher,” he says. “It’s challenged me to rethink how I teach a course and set objectives, and how I want the students to think, as well.” He designed a section of his course to allow students to have fun exploring and playing with descriptive data while they practice using visuals that tell stories behind the data. He has also used analytics to improve the classroom placement process to avoid having students placed in the wrong class level.

King’s overriding teaching objective is to develop “statistical thinking.”
“I’m trying to get them to see the world from a different perspective, to understand and respect data and to learn how to explore it – to find different stories in the data. If my students come away as statistical thinkers, I think that will improve the decisions they make in the classroom, in the workplace, in their everyday lives.”

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