Career Benefits Through Non-profit Leadership

Career development can take on many shapes and forms. Individuals looking to build their resumes and enhance their own careers can take part in many forms of learning besides their day-to-day job. Whether it be advanced degrees, professional certifications, or leadership activities outside of the work place, workers have a choice as to how to build this extra experience. Aligning with the goals and objectives of the IISE Sustainability Division, the material in this webinar aims to expose professionals to ways to utilize different skill sets to help them in their business and home communities.

This presentation will outline the Joels Brock’s background with non-profit organizations, illustrate the type of roles and help needed within these organizations, and show the audience the types of experience and additional skills that can be gained through working in these roles. Finally, this presentation will discuss the impact of utilizing a professional experience to serve the greater good and provide help to community.

Watch the presentation at:

Presentation slides

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