Rhode Island DHS Staff Process 60% More Cases Monthly After Process Improvements

The State of Rhode Island’s Department of Human Services (DHS) wanted to improve their business processes because they struggled with issues such as increased workloads and antiquated business processes that resulted in long wait times and many repeat visits before families received their benefits.

After partnering with Change & Innovation Agency (C!A), they developed readiness plans and planning sessions were conducted with each field office in preparation for rollout.

Outcomes of their process improvements included:

  • Providing 92% of lobby customers with same-day service and on-demand interviewing/processing at all local offices.
  • Eliminated the practice of scheduling appointments to conduct interviews for all new/initial applications and re-certifications
  • Consolidation of eligibility determination or renewal actions required by a customer into a single transaction with one eligibility worker
  • Reduced the average time to process mailed in or dropped off paperwork from 35 days to five days
  • Eliminated backlog of pending actions (applications, re-certifications, changes, interim reports)

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