New Mexico Redesigns and Modernizes DHS for Efficient Case Processing

The State of New Mexico’s, Department of Human Services (DHS) was facing a staff shortage as SNAP caseloads and errors in processing were increasing. DHS was also operating with a 25-year-old, paper-based eligibility system that lacked sufficient interfaces and data collection capabilities for efficient case processing.

DHS selected C!A to help modernize, design, develop, and deploy new eligibility and enrollment practices for its public assistance programs in an effort to realize process efficiencies.

Outcomes from the redesign project included:

  • Timeliness increased from 80% to 98% for 30-day applications
  • Processing applications decreased from 20 or more days to 6.2 days
  • Negative accuracy rate improved from 10.2% to 4.5%
  • Reduction in office wait times and client complaints
  • Development of standardized documentation to ensure consistency in case processing

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