Connecticut Improves its SNAP Timeliness Rate from 57% to 99%

The Department of Social Services (DSS) for the State of Connecticut partnered with Change & Innovation Agency (C!A) to embark on an effort to redesign its business/eligibility processes with the goal of increasing its staffing capacity to withstand workload increases and program complexity.

As-is process mapping was conducted, barriers and bottlenecks were identified, and new processes were developed. Afterwards they redesigned teams to create work processes that are faster, more accurate, flexible, and focused on using precious eligibility worker time only on value-added tasks.

Additional project outcomes included:

  • Improved SNAP timeliness rate from 57% in FY 2013 (53rd in the nation) to 99% state rate upper bound in FY 2015 (5th in the nation).
  • High rate of accuracy in the calculation and issuance of SNAP benefits
  • Reducing the per case cost to determine SNAP eligibility
  • Providing same-day service and on-demand interviewing and processing at all local offices
  • Achieving consistency in eligibility work, due to the development of new staff tools
  • Mitigating the effects of increased caseload across all programs

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