Applying Six Sigma at the YMCA with Jorge Perez

Jorge Perez is the President & CEO of YMCA of Greater Cincinnati. He obtained his Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt certification and started applying these methods to his work in the nonprofit sector.

Here are some other key points he mentions in the interview related to nonprofits and process improvement:

  • The importance of understanding the data and root causes to understand why something works or does not work, which makes it difficult to scale and replicate to other nonprofits
  • How data can prioritize and simplify efforts in a nonprofit
  • The 3 keys to success for day camps: Achievement, Relationship and Belonging
  • Case studies of how YMCA has applied Six Sigma and Lean principles to day camps, youth sports, nature trails, and Big Brothers Big Sisters success rate
  • Recommendations for volunteers on how to get involved with local nonprofits
  • How he explains Six Sigma to those unfamiliar with it
  • Why DMAIC feels like you are going slower, but it actually helps you go faster

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