Algonquin College Continues its Lean Journey

The Algonquin College Lean effort, which began in 2005, continues to make inroads. An improvement team collected and analyzed data to gain a better understanding of demand patterns.  This has allowed the department to maximize their outreach activities without increasing wait times for face-to-face sessions. Each year the College aims to start 12 -15 new activities. They also will circle back and review older activities for further improvements.

Some improvement activities that the College has undertaken:

  • Replicating results: For example, applying the improvements from the counseling department to other student services groups such as employment services and assistance for students with disabilities. 
  • Using Lean to help IT reduce the number of software packages they have to support. 
  • Using Value Stream Mapping to help user groups define their software needs more objectively. 
  • Using a similar process to simplify administrative functions such as the bursary application process.

The College’s success with Lean is starting to attract attention in the education community as more colleges in Ontario and around the world are taking an interest in the application of Lean.

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