Vermont Permit Application Process Uses Lean to Streamline

The current minimum time frame for the processing of Section 248 and Act 250 permit applications is a 21-day turnaround, but it can be longer depending on the type of application.

The process for soliciting comments on current applications involves a weekly email to over 200 staff, and does not receive prompt responses to these requests. It requires Office of Planning and Policy (OPP) staff to manually solicit comments for certain projects, leading to additional time spent to ensure completeness. 

The metrics to improve during the event included:

  • % of applications deemed complete upon submittal
  • % of time that technical comments are sufficient for filing on first submittal

After the event, the team identified the following improvements:

  • IT fixed bugs and outstanding issues with the SharePoint platform
  • OPP will organize broader user testing with regulatory review staff from Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW), with the goal of rolling out the SharePoint site and associated process changes to all Act 250 and Section 248 reviewers in the late summer/early fall.