Clearing a Referral Backlog for Ohio Department of Medicaid

The issuance of Notice of Operational Deficiency (NOD) process resulted in a backlog of referrals that needed to be cleared. From late 2013 to early 2017, little work was done to complete the NOD referrals. This was due to no clear defined NOD process, NOD referral rates faster than can currently be produced, and thus NOD backlog grew.

The goal was to clear the backlog and create a new efficient process going forward to assure NODs are processed in a timely manner and to prevent any future backlogs.

After completing current and future state process maps, data analysis, brainstorming and Pareto charts, they were able to reduce the number of process steps from 114 to 22, reduce lead time from 2 days down to 4 hours, and reduce defects by 50%.