Ohio OSS Volt Voucher Process Streamlined

The OSS Volt Process at the Ohio Office of Budget and Management was in need of improvement.

There were a few issues with their procedure.

  1. OSS is barred from processing any vouchers for a week while the system is shut down in July.
  2. Captains spent the majority of their time pulling new work and distributing it to associates with the manual entry system.
  3. Manually entering all the data left room for more errors.

Looking to alleviate some of these issues, they needed a system that would pull information automatically.

After creating a current and future state swimlane map, conducting a kaizen event, and analyzing data across different months, they were able to eliminate steps, duplication and reduce time to issue vouchers by 50% (6 mins to 3 mins).

As a result, they eliminated 5 process steps, and eliminate the captain roles from the process.