A Smarter Approach to Fundraising

As government funding shrinks and many corporate donors also cut back on charitable giving, it’s a challenging time for the nonprofit world – and more organizations are turning to direct-mail solicitations. That makes things particularly tough for the rescue mission, which has traditionally brought in a strong share of direct-mail donations in the Charlotte area.

They started using logistic regression to see which factors contribute most to a donor’s response to a solicitation. They learned that certain data – for example, ZIP code origin and largest gift amount – were of little or no predictive value. By contrast, other data were found to be quite predictive: number of direct-mail gifts and number of days since the donor’s last gift.

Responses to direct mail have increased by nearly 50 percent since the rescue mission began using JMP software. New tools for data mining and predictive analytics in JMP Pro are bringing in even better responses and supporting relationship-building with donors.

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