A Town in the U.K. Transforms with Lean Thinking

A town in the West Midlands (Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council) made headlines after a survey named it the best place to live in the United Kingdom. Lean may not be directly responsible for the achievement, but there is little doubt it gave its contribution.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council currently has three main strategic objectives to which its actions and lean efforts are directed:

  • health and well-being of citizens
  • creation of strong and sustainable communities
  • economic growth for the area

Solihull has always looked for ways to boost efficiency and effectiveness in its operations, such as:

  • Each new employee goes through an introduction to the Solihull Way and then goes out into the business to see it in action
  • Each new member of staff has a mentor and is expected to work on one improvement project
  • The council contributed to the regeneration of a deprived area. In the past few years, the area received new village centers (local amenities) and investment towards schools, employment opportunities, etc.
  • Getting management involved to make sure lean is to succeed

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