80% Reduction in Cycle Time Achieved through Improving the Import and Export Process

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the world-leading centre of excellence in accurate measurement standards, science and technology. NPL was experiencing consistent problems with their logistical team that couriers their packages; packages to customers were lost or delayed, and important paperwork relating to importing and exporting of goods was not being managed. 

After a Voice of the Customer (VOC) exercise and a time-and-motion study of the logistics process in action, a number of improvement solutions were swiftly generated and prioritized following a full root-cause analysis.

Using Lean Six Sigma and Change Management techniques, they were able to realize and demonstrate numerous benefits including:

  • Improved process cycle-time by 80%
  • Improved staff engagement and retention
  • Reduction in lost parcels (down to zero lost parcels)
  • Improved the rate of parcels delivered on time
  • Improved customer confidence

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