10 Lessons For Leading Government Transformation by Peter Hutchinson

Peter Hutchinson, managing director of Accenture’s public services strategy, was a keynote presenter at the 5th annual Washington State Government Lean Transformation Conference.

The conference, hosted by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s Results Washington team, annually draws about 2,000 people to discuss efforts and strategies to continuously improve government services and outcomes.

This 10 part video series walks through those lessons.

Lesson 1: Systems and results
Lesson 2: Listening
Lesson 3: Be proud of what you do
Lesson 4: Know what you believe
Lesson 5: On being unreasonable
Lesson 6: Do what you think is right
Lesson 7: When to change the rules
Lesson 8: Results over rules
Lesson 9: Change starts with you
Lesson 10: What is a leader

Watch the videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDFjtPQ0IFM&list=PLWlxlU5yW801E8d97ua1I9NHO4_lLFfUp

Download the PDF “10 Lessons For Leading Government Transformation”