10 Commandments for Lean in Government with KaiNexus

In this one-hour webinar hosted by Mark Graban called “10 Commandments for Lean in Government (and Beyond)” on how government agencies can implement a lean culture.
1) Understand Customer Needs
2) Set Challenge Goals with High Leverage
3) Kaizen – Continuous Improvement
4) Learn to See
5) One Stop Shopping is the Goal
6) Statuses, Laws and Ordinances
7) Benchmarking
8) Dynamic Daily Data Collection Eliminate Errors and Rework
9) 5S Everywhere
10) Develop Great Leaders
In addition to these commandments, you will learn:
  • The benefits of creating Dynamic Daily Data Collection for greater employee engagement
  • The only 3 things Lean leaders truly need to do
  • The “True North” principles in a Thinking People System (TPS)
  • How to start a Lean organizational journey

The presenter is Harry Kenworthy is Principal and Manager of the Quality and Productivity Improvement Center (QPIC, LLC). He worked with Dr. W. Edwards Deming in 1983-85 on a series of seminars, and has spoken at over 90 conferences on Quality, Productivity, Lean, and Six Sigma. He has been published several magazines including Quality Progress, Purchasing, and Government Finance Review. Harry also had working relationships with Dr. Joseph Juran and Dorian Shainin.
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