Spreading Lean Six Sigma Nonprofit Volunteering Around the World – IISE Annual Conference 2019

by Brion Hurley

For the past 3 years, Lean and Six Sigma practitioners in Portland (Oregon) have been volunteering with local nonprofits to teach and mentor them on process improvement. The focus has been on environmental reuse nonprofits primarily. The effort gained traction due to beach cleanup volunteer project started by the IISE Sustainable Development Division at the 2013 Annual Conference in Puerto Rico. Brion Hurley will share best practices and key findings about applying Lean and Six Sigma principles with nonprofits.

He also provided an update on a new book called “Lean Six Sigma for Good: Lessons from the Gemba (Volume 1),” along with a plan developed by Royal Roads University (Victoria, BC, Canada) to expand the volunteer effort across the US and internationally.

Viewers can learn more about nonprofit volunteering, personal benefits for volunteering, and learn how they can get involved with or setup local volunteering efforts in their city.