Iowa Prison Industries Improve Kitchen Cabinet Productivity To Earn Lean Award

The Iowa Partners in Efficiency (IPE) award is an annual award given by the Iowa Lean Consortium that acknowledges the achievements of particular benefit to the citizens of Iowa and the private sector, recognizing public sector employees and teams that significantly and measurably increase productivity and promote innovation to improve the delivery of public services and save money for Iowa taxpayers and businesses.

The 2014 IPE was awarded to Iowa Prison Industries for a project that focused on improving kitchen cabinet productivity. In the fall of 2012, IPI secured orders for 270 full sets of kitchen cabinets. The orders needed to be produced in 180 regular work days, or 1.5 kitchen sets per day. At that time, production capacity was just 2 sets per week (0.4 per day), so it was impossible to meet the due date without excessive overtime and cost.

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