Illinois Tollway Reduces Hiring Time From 10 Months to 36 Days

The team wanted to improve the Illinois Tollway’s hiring process that was 95% paper-based and would take over 10 months to fill a position. They were also facing a high turn-over rate, lack of technological assistance, and low applicant alignment to position needs.

They created a Future State Map of what they wanted the process to be and used a multi-phased approach to execute the improvements.

The first phase involved enabling their existing technology assets, which allowed them to reduce the amount of paper involved in the process and make it easier to find applicant information.

The second phase involved measuring and analyzing the results of the pilot process to develop their incremental solutions.

The last phase was to repeat the entire process for the next wave of open positions.

They were able to reduce the hiring lead time from 10+ months to just 36 days! They also conducted a satisfaction survey across all stakeholders in the process to understand how they felt about the new process. This included the applicants, interviewees, and interviewers. Of everyone involved, 65% completed the survey, and they found that 86% of those surveyed were highly satisfied with the new online application process!

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